Special tools for the mechanical engineering sector

Special tools for
the mechanical engineering sector

Special tools are a vital part of mass production when chip removal of metal and other materials is required. This is because such tools enable a variety of operations to be performed simultaneously on set geometric forms within specific size tolerances. Special tools ensure production of the profiles required and, at the same time, reduce manufacturing times and consequently production costs.

In the mechanical engineering sector the most sought-after feature in a special tool is resistance to wear, that is to say design dimensions and cutting capability must be maintained for as long as possible.
More than three decades of experience enable us to give customers maximum support in the choice of materials as well as the type of machining, sharpening and coating. This ensures a durable special tool perfectly suited to its specific use.

The company manufactures high-precision mechanical engineering components both in accordance with customer drawings and as required. Tools are designed internally on the basis of specific requirements.

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