Minelli & Innovation: a winning combination! - Minelli Utensili srl

Minelli & Innovation:
a winning combination!

The focus on evolution and innovation processes is one of our core values.

To offer our customers innovative solutions, in addition to continuous research into the most efficient materials and processing techniques, it is necessary to adopt and make the most of enabling technologies so as to innovate processes in an Enterprise 4.0 approach.

With this vision, over the last two years we have embarked on a major project to renew our machinery and equipment by introducing:

    • a central coolant filtration plant
    • a 3D CNC multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine
    • a CNC universal grinding machine
    • a 5-axis CNC machining centre

Our aim is to constantly increase the efficiency and productivity of the entire production process by making the best use of data and information, facilitating their exchange, integration and analysis along the entire value chain (Horizontal/Vertical Integration).

Thanks to the complete connection with the management system, these machines have enabled us to have a constant monitoring, allowing us to keep under control in real time the workings in progress, thus having full control over the quality of the production process and analysing all the data of the workings carried out to avoid useless waste.

As a guarantee of this process, which we intend to continue over the next few years, we have recently obtained PDT – Performance Digital Traceability certification, issued by IQC, which attests not only to the application of enabling technologies about horizontal/vertical integration, but also to compliance with cybersecurity best practices with the aim of protecting information and guaranteeing the protection of our customers’ data.